Mike Winter

Welcome to my corner of the internet where we embark on a journey to explore the character, nature, and ways of the One True God.

I'm Mike Winter, and I'm passionate about helping people know God better so they can love God more and receive His greatest reward.

My Mission
For years, I’ve dedicated myself to studying and sharing insights about the One True God. My mission is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and guidance to deepen your understanding of God’s character and how it can positively impact your life.

I am also passionate about knowing Who God is.
If there really is a God, doesn’t it make sense we should come to know Him? Since beginning my journey in 1985, I have found God to be incredibly good, dependable, beautiful, and trustworthy. My life purpose is to help others discover these things as well. I am married with ten children from the same wife since 1988.

My Story

What Brings The Dream ?

While most people believe in God and have done so throughout human history in every geographical sphere of our existence. Many people are of the opinion it is hard to know Who God is since there are so many religions and so many gods have come and gone. But if there really is a God, doesn’t it make sense He would want us to know Him? 

Here’s the problem:

Imagine watching your child being born into the world. You feel the excitement, the anticipation and the dreams for their future and yours with them. After arriving, the child is taken by the nurse to be cleaned, weighed and measured. A little while later the nurse tells you your child has been stolen from the hospital.

After twenty years of frantic searching you find your lost child. When you embrace them with tears in your eyes telling them who you are they push you away, they identify another as their true parent and they regurgitate to you the lie they were raised with that you abandoned them, rejected them and didn’t want them.

This is God’s story. An enemy has taken you away from Him at birth but He has come to redeem, restore and reengage you. Are you ready for an adventure? Are you answering ‘yes’ to knowing God?

Here’s the process:

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4. Plug into a local church where the Bible is opened and explained and the attendees seem eager to learn more and live-out the teaching they receive.

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Welcome aboard.