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Man Up

A Guide to Restoring Biblical Manhood

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Man Up! is a biblical challenge for men to embrace their God-given glory by assuming their God-ordained role. My goal for this book is to give you a helpful standard for measuring yourself as a man, a target to aim your son(s), and a scale for weighing future son(s)-in-laws.

Masculinity is under attack in the modern world. Never in human history has disrespect, dishonor, and confusion been so prevalent in world society over the nature of a man.

Knowing nothing about manhood or how to be a man at birth, a male child grows up wondering who he is and how to live. This is not how God intended things to be.

God made man in His image. God came to earth as a man. God loves men and has given them the opportunity to live with Him forever in honor and glory. While a man’s value is no greater than his fellow created image-bearer, woman, his role and purpose are unique as defined by God.

God has given us men a clear purpose for our lives, a clear target to shoot for. This book helps you focus on that target with practical ideas for helping you hit the bullseye. You need to make the decision to man up!

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