“know Who God is” Coaching


God. The very word assumes awesomeness, greatness and incomprehensibility.


Yet the One True God is not aloof. The One True God is humble, meek, gentle and immensely relational.


God wants you to know Him and has supplied two major resources for helping you accomplish this.


First, He had recorded His character, nature and ways in the Bible so that all people, in all generations, in all countries and in all languages could know for certain, the true nature, character and ways of God.


Second, He has provided one another; coaches, fellow sojourners, to explain to and explore with one another, Who He is, so that together we all come to the full knowledge of Him.


Our 6 week plan, expandable to 24 weeks, answers the most fundamental question of ‘if there is a God what is He like and what does He require from us.’

The first six coaching sessions are free! The tool is $20 plus shipping.


Sign up today, do it now, the cost is right, the potential is life altering, God is waiting for you!


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“know what God wants” Coaching


God has created you for greatness. Before you were born, He had in mind achievements and accomplishments for you to do that would bring you life and Him glory upon the earth.


Coaching is a process whereby the dreams and desires for accomplishing those deeds are surfaced and fulfilled. The Bible declares that within YOUR heart are God’s plans for your life and a man of understanding, a coach, helps draw them out so they can be realized.


Coaching is a process for helping you make impact, gain influence and create significance within and through your life. Coaching facilitates the process of change for you to maximize your potential.


Coaching is not counseling which helps people move from dysfunction to acceptable functioning. Coaching is forward progress, future oriented and growth centered.


Coaching is not mentoring which is the transfer of expertise from the experienced to the novice. Coaching assumes YOU are the expert so utilizes discovery tools and powerful questions for helping you create concrete goals and action steps.


Coaching is a growth-centered relationship. The coach motivates, stimulates and encourages while YOU create goals, commit to action and fulfill your destiny. Coaching empowers you to move vision into action.


The first session is free so contact us today for beginning the journey of discovering and completing the purpose for your life that God had in mind before the creation of the world!