The Time For Living Unrestrained Lives Is Over

1 Peter 4.3 observes, there has already been enough time spent in doing what the Gentiles choose to do: carrying on in unrestrained behavior, evil desires, drunkenness, orgies, carousing, and lawless idolatry.


Oh how true these words, written nearly two thousand years ago, are today: enough time has been spent carrying on in unrestrained behavior. The ‘final’ fruit of the Spirit is self-control. (more…)


We Must Work At Our Faith, Not Neglect It

Hebrews 2.3 asks, how will we escape if we neglect such a great salvation? This salvation had its beginning when it was spoken of by the Lord, and it was confirmed to us by those who heard Him.

The wrath of God is coming against all those who deny Him and fail to live under subjection to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Therefore, those who claim to be in Christ must not neglect their salvation, for it was purchased by the blood of God to appease the wrath of God, so that men can be forever reconciled with God. (more…)


God Is Recruiting Adventurers

Hosea 11.12 describes, Ephraim surrounds me with lies, the house of Israel, with deceit. Judah still wanders with God and is faithful to the holy ones.

We hear often that we humans don’t like change. Our prayers reflect this disdain, often asking God for protection and safety instead of faith and courage. (more…)


To Turn Toward God We Must Turn Away From Evil

2 Timothy 2.19 records, God’s solid foundation stands firm, bearing this


inscription: The Lord knows those who are his, and let everyone who calls on the name of the Lord turn away from wickedness.


The word repent means to turn the other way, to turn around and go the other direction. It is the first word used in God’s opening message to humanity.