The Great Commandment is Fulfilled by Doing The Great Commission

1 Chronicles 28-9-10 commands, Solomon my son, get to know well your father’s God; serve Him with a whole heart and eager mind, for GOD examines every heart and sees through every motive. If you seek Him, He’ll make sure you find Him, but if you abandon Him, He’ll leave you for good. Look sharp now! GOD has chosen you to build His holy house. Be brave, determined! And do it!

This is Old Testament language to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength and to love our neighbor as our self by going and making disciples of all nations, teaching them to obey everything Jesus commanded us, beginning with our own household. (more…)


Pursuing Success is Our Nature

1 Chronicles 22.12-13 promises, that’s what will make you successful, following the directions and doing the things that GOD commanded Moses for Israel. Courage! Take charge! Don’t be timid; don’t hold back.

Everyone wants success, or at least the results of success. Fame and fortune, that’s the goal of all humanity. Success is defined by the applause of men and the material possessions we have accumulated. The greater the audience, the more likes, the greater the person. The more stuff, the more adventures, the greater the person. (more…)


Living Lives of Significance

Amos 5.6 urges, seek GOD and live! You don’t want to end up with nothing to show for your life But a pile of ashes, a house burned to the ground. For God will send just such a fire, and the firefighters will show up too late.

It is natural for men to want to live a life of significance. All of us want to leave a legacy and be remembered for doing good. But what does it mean to live a life of significance? (more…)


Prayers God Will Answer

Proverbs 28.9 describes, God has no use for the prayers of the people who won’t listen to Him.

Everyone prays. Sometimes or all the time but everyone prays because everyone is broken. All of us hope, want, God to intervene in our life even when we are doing all we can to control its outcome. (more…)


Election Day Thoughts From the Bible

Hebrews 1.8-9 describes, God the Father saying to the Son, You’re God, and on the throne for good; Your rule makes everything right. You love it when things are right; You hate it when things are wrong. That is why God, Your God, poured fragrant oil on Your head, marking You out as king, far above Your dear companions.

This country was founded by people who were seeking a place to worship God as they believed best, free from government rules and regulations, in order to live lives pleasing to Him. So many came and so many worshiped Him in so many different ways. The one common denominator among them was their focus upon Jesus as King of kings and Lord of lords.



The One True God Really is Good.

2 Kings 13.22-24 records, Hazael king of Aram badgered and bedeviled Israel all through the reign of Jehoahaz. But GOD was gracious and showed mercy to them. He stuck with them out of respect for his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He never gave up on them, never even considered discarding them, even to this day. Hazael king of Aram died. His son Ben-Hadad was the next king.

The world has no idea how fortunate we are that God is good. Seriously, if God were really evil think of how awful our lives would really be. (more…)