The One True God Really is Good.

2 Kings 13.22-24 records, Hazael king of Aram badgered and bedeviled Israel all through the reign of Jehoahaz. But GOD was gracious and showed mercy to them. He stuck with them out of respect for his covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He never gave up on them, never even considered discarding them, even to this day. Hazael king of Aram died. His son Ben-Hadad was the next king.

The world has no idea how fortunate we are that God is good. Seriously, if God were really evil think of how awful our lives would really be.

I know, we blame God for what is bad in the world but if we were really honest, most of the time we ourselves are responsible for the evil taking place in the world. Regardless of our willingness to own it, our Father, Who currently resides in heaven, loves His created people.

God chooses to call those who recognize Him as God, children, inviting them to live permanently with Him as family. We the children, like our own children, have often times been disobedient and rebellious, some worse than others. Yet God is faithful, He loves us, even when we are faithless and unloving back.

God has no plans to abandon His church, even with its many transgressions, but instead has promised to stay with us until the end of the ages. The final destiny of all Christians, of all the children of God, is a new earth where we live with new bodies with God Himself dwelling among us forever and ever.

Here on the new earth there will be no more tears, no more death, no more suffering. God will not discard His church, His children, His bride. God loves us with an eternal love that is good all the time.

Those who reach up to Him, who desire to know Him and to love Him deeply through His Son, Jesus the Savior, will experience this love of God from that day until forever.

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