Your Answer To Prayer Often Includes Suffering For It

Hebrews 5.7-10 describes, while He lived on earth, anticipating death, Jesus cried out in pain and wept in sorrow as He offered up priestly prayers to God. Because He honored God, God answered Him. Though He was God’s Son, He learned trusting-obedience by what He suffered, just as we do. Then, having arrived at the full stature of His maturity and having been announced by God as high priest in the order of Melchizedek, He became the source of eternal salvation to all who believingly obey Him. MSG


Because Jesus honored the Father, the Father answered the prayers of the Son. As we ask anything in Jesus’ Name, the anything that will honor the Son and glorify the Father, the anything that will facilitate the kingdom of God increasing upon earth as it fills heaven, He, Jesus, will hear our prayers and grant us what we asked of Him. (more…)


God is Looking for Adventurers

2 Kings 18.5-6 observes, Hezekiah put his whole trust in the God of Israel. There was no king quite like him, either before or after. He held fast to God—never loosened his grip—and obeyed to the letter everything God had commanded Moses. And God, for His part, held fast to him through all his adventures. MSG


We should seek to be like Hezekiah: Holding fast to God, never loosening our grip on God, obedient to the letter of everything Jesus commands us. Then we will experience God holding us fast through all our adventures. What adventures are we taking for God? What are we doing that needs faith, trust, and earnest prayer?




Weighed, Measured, and Rewarded

Daniel 5.24-28 records, God sent the hand that wrote on the wall, and this is what is written: mene, teqel, and peres. This is what the words mean: “Mene: God has numbered the days of your rule and they don’t add up. “Teqel: You have been weighed on the scales and you don’t weigh much. “Peres: Your kingdom has been divided up and handed over to the Medes and Persians. MSG


For every man there lies ahead the judgement of God. This is when we will all stand before Him to give account to Him for how we lived on this earth in obedience to His commands. Most men plan to enter that day hoping their lives were ‘good’ and acceptable to God not based upon what God has said but based upon their own creation of what pleases God. (more…)