Whose Opinion Are You Following?

James 2.1 commands, my dear friends, don’t let public opinion influence how you live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith.

What is the public opinion of Christianity? For too many it is seen as a constraint upon societal behavior. Why is this so?

In one example, it constrains sexual behavior, calling the LGBTQ movement immoral. Within and without the Church there is disagreement about this lifestyle. Why? Those who ignore God have successfully promoted this lifestyle as good, normal and right causing other atheists to agree with the result even some who do claim a relationship with God agree with their ways.

The Bible, the Word of God given to men so we might know Him and do what pleases Him, states unequivocally that God made humanity male and female from birth and expects them to live and behave sexually accordingly. This is only one area where public opinion and Biblical Christianity collide. Who is right?

If there truly is a God isn’t He right? Will He change His opinion because we have changed ours? Will God bend to our logic as though we have somehow become more enlightened than He? Biblical Christianity is objective truth about God and humanity. It is objective because it is God’s opinion, it is truth because God is truth. How can He be God and be something other than truth?

Those who claim to be Jesus followers must be like Him and place God’s Word above man’s opinion for it is God’s Word that will be used to judge us on that Day when we given account to God for the lives we have lived. Human opinion has ebbed and flowed throughout the ages and throughout the world. God’s Word has remained constant throughout the world and throughout the ages.

Those who would please God, those who would be approved by God must choose and then act according to the opinion they most believe will grant them approval by God and reward from God, that is, if they truly believe in God: God or man.

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