God Is Recruiting Adventurers

Hosea 11.12 describes, Ephraim surrounds me with lies, the house of Israel, with deceit. Judah still wanders with God and is faithful to the holy ones.

We hear often that we humans don’t like change. Our prayers reflect this disdain, often asking God for protection and safety instead of faith and courage.

These prayers, for protection and safety, are often an offense to Him Who holds us in the palm of His hand. We are always safe with Him, even when we lose our head in this world for the sake of the gospel: we are safely taken home.


God calls men to pray for courage. God is an adventurer, and invites men to wander with Him looking for the lost sheep to restore to His fold and to celebrate with Him the return of the one who was lost but now has been found.


The adventurer is constantly dealing with change, with circumstances that require ingenuity, creativity, diligence, perseverance, courage and faith. This pleases God our Savior in Whose image we have been created and are even now being further formed; for He is all wise, He is all creative, He is all persevering and He is all love, knowing the beginning and the end, that all is well.


God looks for those who will join Him, who will embrace faith, who will embrace trust in His provision, His protection, His presence, for the building of His kingdom in a world opposed to God by men and demons. God is looking for adventurers, men who forsake comfort for the reward of hard work that produces eternal results.


Every man is invited to the narrow way that is difficult but only few are those who will take it.

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