Working God’s Plan, by faith or works? Yes!

1 Timothy 1.4 describes, God’s plan, which operates by faith.


God’s plan operates by faith. This means there will always be a tension in doing God’s will with the certainty that the exact thing we are doing, or the specific results we are achieving, are those we should be doing or receiving.

When a man puts a plan together he designs specific tasks for executing and accomplishing that plan. We make specific steps for achieving specific results.


God’s plan, as revealed in Scripture, is general but requires specific actions for accomplishing it. God wants all men saved so we labor to see certain men saved whom we know and associate with.


We labor by faith, knowing we are in the will of God, doing the work of God, but we don’t know if the specific men we are working with will come to faith. We know generally what we are to do from the word of God but we don’t know specifically the results of that work, for God is at work too accomplishing His purposes through us, without revealing them specifically, to us.


We are to depend on God, not concerning ourselves with results as much as concerning ourselves with obedience to the specific actions that result in accomplishing the will of God.

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