The Temptations of Jesus

Luke 4.1-13 records the temptations of Jesus.image

These were not His only temptations but while they literally occurred they also represent three areas where we struggle to obey God.

First is the temptation to be independent. Jesus had the power to miraculously feed Himself but He waited on God to supply His needs His way. The Christian life is a process toward dependence upon God and away from being independent rebels. We are to look to God for our provision and direction while daily obeying His every command. Christianity is an evolution of doing what we know while learning to know God more.

Second, is the temptation of idolatry. Wealth and power are coveted by nearly everyone for they represent having all we want and doing all we want. We are not on earth to serve ourselves neither is God here to meet our needs. We are created by God for God and it is His Kingdom and His will that is to be done on earth by us as it is done in heaven by holy angels. God has great works for us to accomplish but we must seek Him to do them and not simply go about our own pursuits.

Third, there is the temptation to be irresponsible, abandoning God’s clear commands in order to force God to take care of us. While we are to be dependent upon God, God has clearly commanded what we are to do.

We are to work in the world in an honest manner to provide our needs and the needs of our family even working to have enough to give to those who cannot work. We are not to incur debt lest we become a servant to the lender.

There is much God has commanded us to do and be which is why many of our prayers remain unanswered for we ask Him to do for us what we were supposed to do ourselves. We also ask Him to save us from those things He commanded we not do so that we would not be in the problem we are facing today.

All of us fail against these temptations in various ways but as we face them daily we are to resume the battle and seek God and His strength for victory today.

The good news is that Jesus did not fail and His perfect obedience has been appropriated to all those who come to God for forgiveness admitting to Him their need for a Savior.

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