Loosing the Warrior spirit

1 Chronicles 19:13 commands be courageous and let us act like men to save our people and the cities of our God.image

Most men like a good fight and are willing to engage one as long as we can win!

There’s something of the warrior spirit deep within the male psyche. Yet we are trained to suppress, deny and eliminate this inherent nature of what it means to be male.

The Bible describes God as a warrior in certain places and many find His actions in and through Israel to be a stumbling block to their better judgment of right and wrong.

Nevertheless, the Bible paints a picture of a universe at war: first the angelic host against God, then man against God, then man against man and finally God against all those who oppose His will being done on earth as it is in heaven. The Christian version of this war is vastly different from the Muslim version that maims, mutilates and kills its opposition. The Christian battle is against principalities and powers in the spirit world that deceive people into believing there is no God, no Savior, no Judgment Day and no need to worry about being accountable to God.

The weapons we fight with are words of Truth, written in the Bible and proclaimed by all those who love God. The Christian weapons are faith in God and the work He has done in Jesus Christ which guards our hearts and minds from the lies of His enemy who seeks to deceive the whole world.

Christians need to tap that warrior spirit within as they witness the quick demise of our nation’s Christian heritage. Our cities are falling fast to the working of those high powers that tell people there is no absolute truth, there is no right or wrong and that all beliefs are the same. If we are to take back our cities for God we must boldly stand for truth, speaking up for what is right as God defines it and cease cowering about our personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christians are to do right and encourage right doing within their community. Right is defined not by the culture which is swayed by evil voices but by God Who has recorded His will for all to see and understand so that we are without excuse.

There is only one Name given under heaven by which people can be saved the Scriptures declare, that Name is Jesus Who is God made man. In Him is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Those who are in God’s army are those who have denied themselves, taken up their cross and like Him, seek and save the lost through proclamation of the gospel at the cost of personal gain or glory.

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