Luke 6:38 promises whatever measure you use to give—large or small—will be used to measure what is given back imageto you.

I don’t really like this promise because in my heart of hearts I am selfish, cheap and greedy. I want God to be generous and lavish with me but I am not so much toward others.

I really don’t want God to treat me the same way I treat others, I want Him to be better toward me than I am toward others. But that is not what He promises.

Even on my best days when I give ten percent I don’t want ten percent of God, I want one hundred percent. But this promise or this judgment involves far more than just money – that should be the least of my concerns.

God uses this principal to measure my forgiveness, mercy, compassion, service, grace, and love.

Whoa is me for I am not nearly as generous with these things as I desire Him to be toward me. I think this will be especially true on that day when I have no chance to make amends and am then kneeling, trembling before Him as He opens His books to reveal my deeds and give my reward.

I will no doubt hope on that day that I can receive some of my wife’s reward for it was MY money and MY stuff she used to be generous toward others and since I didn’t put up too much resistance wont I too be considered generous?

Probably not. God is not fooled, He knows my heart and therein lies the rub.

My poverty of spirit demonstrates my tremendous need for a Savior.

I do need a Savior but I also need the Savior to work out His life through me for the life I live on my own isn’t really that generous.

God spent all He had to save a wretch like me cant I give all I am to demonstrate my gratefulness to Him? Not without His help.

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