Who Decides What We Do Is Right?

In those days Israel had no king. Each man did what he considered to be right.” Judges 21:25 NET https://bible.com/bible/107/jdg.21.25.NET


The concluding verse of the book that most describes the cyclical life of the Israelites from obedience to disobedience in their relationship with God is each man did what he considered right. The book describes Israel as a people who no longer knew the Lord, having not learned of Him from their fathers and grandfathers who did know the Lord. Passionately discipling our children is the necessary work of parents who would cooperate with the Holy Spirit in seeing their children saved. Israel repeatedly did what was right in their eyes because they had no governor or authority over them to rule them. Self-control was absent, so they were out of control. Sin reigned until they were punished to such a degree that they repented and followed the Lord long enough to incur His blessings. God continues not to micromanage His people. God wants our motive for obeying Him to come from love for Him. Love needs no law but does what is right because it loves the object of its affection leading to doing what pleases and is best for that object. We see this to a degree in marriage and parenting. Yet, in our relationship with God, we often live as though we have no king doing instead whatever we deem to be right. If Jesus is our king, as we claim Him to be when we identify as Christians, our lives will reflect obedience to everything He commands. If Jesus is our king, we will give generously from our resources to His causes, we will serve people sacrificially so that they experience Jesus through us, and we will continuously share the gospel of Jesus Christ so that men can be saved for faith is a product of hearing and what must be heard is the word of God from the mouth of the Christian.

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