Are we ‘all-in’ for God?

Luke 3:7 proclaims you are trying to escape hell without truly turning to God!image

If we are honest this is the state of most of us, we want to go to heaven but we don’t want interference from God over how we run our lives. We take the minimalist approach to God trusting that He is loving like grandma and giving like Santa Claus.

The reason for this hypocrisy is because we really want to be god, totally in control without accountability, for everything we do, think and say. This reality says a lot about us and little about God. If we knew God better we would think more highly of Him and live more trusting of Him.

What kind of a God are we worshipping Who finds acceptable our minimalist effort at pleasing Him?

At one level, the Christian God requires the least from us. The One True God has already declared humanity’s incapacity to live such good lives that He will accept them into His heaven based upon their merits. The standard of the One True God is perfection of which everyone of us falls short. Unable to live the standard God has decided to pardon rather than condemn all of those who seek Him for forgiveness. This pardon is made possible through the exchange God is willing to make with Jesus: His perfection for our imperfection.

Since the pardon cost God the perfection of heaven does it make sense He would be appeased with a thankfulness based upon the least we can do for Him? God commanded we die to our self and live as He lived if we are to be His disciples. What if we don’t?

God calls the man who says he is a Christian but lives like a pagan a double-minded person, a hypocrite of luke-warm flavor whose end is His rebuke and dismissal from His presence for all eternity.

If God is truly God then He alone decides who will live in heaven and how people can achieve that end.

It appears He Who gave His all to save humanity expects humanity to give their all to serve Him.

To do otherwise is to risk missing the kingdom of heaven all together.

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