Are Love and Tolerance the Same?

John 13.34 records God saying, I am giving you a new commandment: Love each other. Just as I have loved you, you shouldimage love each other.

The current definition of love is to tolerate any belief or behavior by another individual even if that belief or behavior is offensive to the first person. The person engaged in the offensive behavior is not considered unloving when they continue in their behavior that is offensive to the first party.

Love seems to mean toleration today but only for those engaged in non-traditional behaviors. Those holding traditional values are not to be loved by those not holding such values as demonstrated by curbing their behavior when with the ‘traditionalists.’ It is the traditionalists who need to change their thinking if they are to be loving.

This current ideology is why the media has so much animosity with the Church. The media does not believe anything they say or do is wrong, only those who condemn their beliefs and behaviors are wrong. Those who condemn them, like the Church and its position opposing the murder of the unborn or the marriage of the same sex, are the unloving who must change.

God is love. This description of the Christian God, unique by the way to Christianity, is the foundation of His nature the motivation for all of His works. If God’s love were what the media says the Church’s love must be like, then God would love everyone throughout history without consequence for the activity any person has ever performed. This is not what God has done nor what God promises to do.

God does love all of humanity from all time regardless of their behavior but behavior disobedient to God is punishable by eternal separation from Him in torment. God is love so God came to earth and was punished for all of the disobedience all of humanity has committed against God for all of time.

God’s love for humanity did not keep Him from punishing Himself for humanity’s disobedience. This means God does not define love as tolerance without consequence.

God loves everyone and so offers everyone a chance to repent and seek reconciliation with Him but those who don’t will be eternally punished. God’s love provides a means of grace and mercy to humanity but humanity must appropriate that grace and mercy to experience God’s love. Those who refuse to appropriate God’s love for them will receive God’s consequence for their disobedient behavior.

God is love but God will not tolerate forever humanity’s disobedience to Him. The media can condemn the Church forever for it’s stand on murder and marriage purity while it remains rebellious against God.

God’s Church must stand with God on what He declares to be right and good though men hate us now. Love is not compromise of precept.

Love is a way of escape for the consequences of evil but all of humanity must choose that escape if they will know God’s love and live forever with Him and His people.

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