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Don’t Wash Your Hands of Good Friday

““You would have no authority over me at all,” Jesus answered him, “if it hadn’t been given you from above. This is why the one who handed me over to you has the greater sin.”” John 19:11 CSB


Pilate sinned in crucifying Jesus. While he tried to release him, while he knew Jesus was innocent, he still made the choice to crucify Jesus. Pilate even tried to remove his guilt when he washed his hands in front of the religious leaders stating it was their fault Jesus was being crucified and not his own. This is what people do, they blame others for their own wrong response to Jesus. They blame some hypocrite who was supposed to be a better example of Christianity. They blame the church, their parents, television preachers, world problems not solved by the church, the list is endless that people use as an excuse to ignore Jesus. No one can wash his hands of personal responsibility to properly acknowledge Jesus as Savior and Lord. All of us will be brought before God in Jesus the Savior to give account of our lives lived in submission to Jesus as Lord. We must repent, confess our sins, acknowledge our need for a Savior verbally then follow Jesus in obedience physically demonstrating our relational commitment to Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Good Friday commemorates God’s goodness toward humanity by willingly suffering and dying as punishment instead of humanity that deserves it. But those who ignore Jesus, those who wash their hands of this day, they will be punished, Jesus’ work will have no application for their souls. Only those but all of those who fall before Jesus in humility, agreeing with Him that they deserve condemnation but receive by faith God’s pardon because of God’s love demonstrated by God’s death on the cross as man, will be welcomed into the kingdom of God as children of God to live together with Him forever.

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