Faith is not Belief

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Romans 1.5 commands we bring about the obedience of faith. Faith in God when properly applied is obedience to God.

Faith in God is the acknowledgement of God that He is and that He created all things and will one day judge all things according to His character and will.

Faith is the acknowledgement that God as Creator is Lord of man and must be obeyed if He is to be properly recognized as God.

Faith is understanding the love of God and the character of God in His workings toward humanity then responding with adoration, praise and obedience.

Faith is receiving the good news that God offers a pardon for all humanity’s disobedience through Jesus the Christ and committing ourselves to following Jesus by obeying Him through the power He provides in the Holy Spirit given to all those who acknowledge Him as Lord over their life.

Faith is acknowledging God’s rule on the inside and obeying that rule on the outside.

Faith and obedience are inseparable in the mind of God.

Belief is not faith though belief is the acknowledgement of God that He exists and is Lord over all. Demons believe but have no faith because their belief does not cause them to obey God.

We have moved dangerously close in the Church to equating belief and faith which is why so many claim to be Christian but live lives in disobedience to the clear commands of God.

True faith is demonstrated in daily obedience to God just as Jesus did everything His Father commanded Him to do.


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