God is Tolerant but Not Religion

Romans 16.26 describes the prophetic writings by the command of the eternal God, so that all the imageGentiles might come to the obedience that comes from faith.

Tolerance is the new desire among those who speak about world religions. The espoused perspectives are that God cannot really be known and that all the religions basically teach the same things.

This worldview leads to every person creating their own religion, their own perspective of Who God is and what God requires. The result of tolerance is ignorance, disobedience and confusion.

God is tolerant.

God is tolerant with all those who deny Him, who speak incorrectly of Him and who malign His character by their living and preaching things that are inconsistent with His nature or will. At least for now.

Tolerance is our perspective on truth but it is not God’s perspective.

Why would God want humanity confused about Who He is or what He requires from us? Why would God teach one group of people to murder unbelievers (Muslims) and another to love their enemies (Christians)? Why would God want people to believe He exists as many gods (Hinduism) rather than as One God (Judaism)?

The religions of the world contradict each other over Who God is and what God requires from humanity. This does not prove the need for tolerance but demonstrates the absurdity of believing tolerance is a workable pathway for knowing God and ensuring His pleasure with our life performance.

If there really is a God then it only makes sense that He would be intolerant of false information about Himself but instead would insist upon humanity following His true prescription for living in this world. This is the Christian message. God is good and God is love.

Therefore God has revealed Himself to us so that we can know Him. Like concentric rings from a pebble thrown in a pond God has revealed Himself through the beauty, complexity, diversity and order of the created world. God has revealed Himself through the universal conscience of all humanity where certain right and wrongs are and have always been accepted.

He has revealed Himself through the writings of Scripture: the One True God using 1500 years and more than 40 authors in three languages to reveal a continuous story of truth about Himself as only the Christian Bible reveals. Finally, in His most climactic revelation of all, He came Himself as one of us, Jesus the Savior of the world, Who lived, died and rose again proving Himself as God with us.

The purpose of all this revelation is so that we could know God and do His will. The culmination of the Christian religion is obedience to everything Jesus taught.

It is this teaching, found in the Christian Bible, that God will use to weigh and measure all of humanity from all time, resulting in some, who believed and obeyed, being welcomed by God into His eternal kingdom.

This view seems intolerant but truth is never tolerant of untruth, it can’t be and still be truth.

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