Passing the Test

Mark 8.11 records to test Him, they asked Him for a sign from heaven.image

God tests people, people don’t test God.

People want to test God to see if He exists, God tests men to see if they will obey. People test God so they can believe in Him, God tests people so they will manifest their belief in Him.

Despite the fact that God detests being tested by people most of us do it all the time. This is probably why much of the time we aren’t sure about God because He fails to show up for the test.

God is not in the business of proving Himself, He already did that through creation, our conscience and His personal appearance in Jesus.

God is in the business of proving people, testing us to demonstrate to Him, others and the unseen spiritual world that we believe, that we trust, that we love God and so obey His commands.

Our testing is not some difficulty or tragedy that we are trying to endure as though God were sitting on top of us until we cry, ‘uncle.’ Tough times are a fact of life for everyone in a broken world.

We will have trouble in this world, it will be hard and it will be harder for some more than others. This is true because humanity from the beginning failed the test to love God and obey His commands above all things.

Obedience is the answer to the cosmic question, ‘does God exist?’

Obedience demonstrates a surrender, an allegiance, a chosen deference to One Who is greater than ourselves and Who gets to order and direct our lives for His glory and honor.

God doesn’t expect us to wonder about His existence, all of creation outside and our conscience inside, already prove He exists.

What God does expect us to do is obey His commands and His commands are not burdensome for He is humble and gentle in heart so His commands are light and easy so that we can pass the test.

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