What Does God Want? LOVE

Deuteronomy 10.12 declares, what does the LORD your God require of you except to revere Him, to obey all His commandments, to love Him, to serve Him with all your mind and being.

Repeatedly the Bible makes clear what we must do if we are to pass successfully the judgement to come. So many assume they will argue with God about His standards upon meeting Him face to face in order to justify their behavior while they lived upon the earth. How ludicrous. God holds all of the cards. Why should He change His standards upon meeting us?

Do we really believe our presence will somehow create an epiphany for God? This kind of thinking is the pinnacle of arrogance and will surely lead to our undoing which will be the eternal separation from God and His people in torment. Eternal means forever and ever. Not good, no very bad. The solution? Do what God says. And what does this God require of us? Not much really.

I am constantly amazed by the tolerance of the Muslim god by the western world. Their god takes the most pleasure when his people kill people. Seriously, they get to heaven for killing people who don’t believe the way they do. That’s the definition of a good god? That is a god we want to tolerate, even celebrate, even acknowledge as having any value to humanity?

The One True God requires not the taking of life to get to heaven but the giving of life to get to heaven, starting with His own. God so loved the world He gave the life of His Son to redeem the world from the punishment we all so richly deserve. We crucified God made Man because we hated Him. The Man Who is God rose from the dead since it is impossible for man to truly kill God.

So what does God want from us? Simply our love and devotion. Not too much to ask from God who made us and offers us eternity in health and peace with Him and all those from all time who have ever loved Him. What does it mean to love God? To obey His commands. What are His commands? To love others like we love ourselves.

The One True God requires people to love people particularly at personal expense just as He loved us at His own expense. Practically this means giving when I don’t want to, forgiving when I don’t feel like it, serving when I would rather be self-seeking and the list goes on. Isn’t that the kind of God that makes the most sense if there really is a God? A God that would require people to love Him by loving others sacrificially?

If anyone dies in the one true religion it is the believer sacrificing self for the life of the unbeliever. The Muslim religion makes no sense in that it requires the believer to kill the unbeliever so the unbeliever can go to hell and the believer can go to heaven. That’s simply terrible. The one true God requires believers to sacrifice their lives so the unbeliever can live eternally being drawn to the love of God through the love of His people.

What the One True God requires is what we all want from God and each other; to truly be loved and to love truly.

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