What Faith Really Is.

Isaiah 7.9 warns, unless your faith is firm, I cannot make you stand firm.images

When God says He cant, He means He wont. God cant do something because it violates either His character or His commands.

Without faith God warns, it is impossible to please Him therefore those who come to Him must believe He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.  Our faith is integral to God’s work and presence in and through our lives.

It is not the case that we must generate a certain degree of faith before God notices or takes action as though His activity was somehow contingent upon the degree of our faith. Rather our faith is our belief expressed through our actions that God is and that God will do according to His instructions found in His word.

We demonstrate our faith in God by our obedience to God not by our belief in God. The demons believe in God with greater certainty than most of us but they have no faith for they continually disobey God.

Faith believes God then acts in accordance to that belief trusting God to lead, guide and provide along the way.

Faith isn’t knowing the end of the situation thereby having confidence to weather the situation. Faith is knowing God Who rules all situations and obeying God through the situation no matter the severity of the situation.

God causes us to stand firm as we stand firm trusting Him to strengthen our standing. We must believe and move toward action to receive and experience God’s presence.

When we pray then disobey complaining God didn’t do anything we don’t exhibit faith at all. Faith is always accompanied by obedience if it is truly faith.

This is why faith comes from hearing the Word of God so that as we hear God’s word, with the expectation from God that we will apply God’s word, our faith increases and our experience with God grows.

To stand firm in difficult times we must hear God’s Word and do what it says then when the storms rage against us, and they certainly will, we will be like a house on a rock that doesn’t collapse.

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