What God Expects From Us

Revelation 12.17 describes, the dragon was angry at the woman and declared war against the rest of imageher children—all who keep God’s commandments and maintain their testimony for Jesus.

The Bible describes the world as being at war. We see the evidence of this reality but as American Christians we don’t always interpret that reality as being daily and local.

The world is at war with man against man. That part is easy to see.

The world is at war against the one true God. Every act of disobedience against the commands of God is a declaration of war against God and His rule over our lives.

The enemy of God, satan, is at war against the people of God. This last one is more subtle but no less real or effective.

The enemy of God wars against Christians by confusing them and causing them to doubt the truth of God’s words and motive. This was his first deception with the first humans as recorded on page 3 of God’s Word and is the same tactic he uses today against God’s people.

The current confusion and doubt surrounds what God says about sexual practice and identity. Many Christians believe it is perfectly acceptable to God to live as a practicing homosexual, bi-sexual or transgender. God has declared otherwise in His Word.

When we decide that what we believe is more legitimate than what God has commanded we make ourselves God and declare war against Him because we defy His authority in our lives or in the world. This is true about every belief we have that conflicts with the teaching of the Bible.

Other doubts and rejections about God and His Word include unborn children, the origin of the world including people, the value of people over animals, disciplining of children and the list goes on.

The Christians who are rewarded by God are those who obey God and hold to their testimony that Jesus is Lord over their lives. This testimony that Jesus and His Words as found in the Bible are true and right even if we don’t understand them or like them is what God expects of His people.

It is no different than the parent who tells his three year old ‘no;’ the child may not like it, may throw a tantrum, may not understand the parent’s logic but must comply regardless.

The Christian God is not evil, harsh or mean; He is good and commands we love Him and love one another as He has defined love in the Bible. Love is not the tolerance or acceptance of behavior antagonistic toward God’s will. Instead love calls out evil and refuses to participate in it no matter what others are doing or what others threaten to do to us.

Christianity is not a belief in God, the enemy of God believes, it is the surrender of our lives to God in Jesus Christ to be used for His purpose and His glory forever.

Those whom God will reward are those who obey His commands and continue to confess with their lives Jesus is Lord.

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