Why is God’s Way to Heaven so Narrow?

Mathew 7.13 instructs us that you can enter God’s Kingdom only through the narrow gate. The images
highway to hell is broad, and its gate is wide for the many who choose that way.

People have a hard time with the idea that God has only one means to heaven. If we really think about it though, it makes the most sense that this is how it would have to be.

In the beginning God created humanity for a relationship with Himself. Until we rebelled against God we didn’t worship other gods because we knew Who the One True God was. Once our ancestors chose to ignore God because they wanted to be their own ‘gods’ they created other ‘gods’ to worship as a result of realizing we are not gods and we are created to worship something even if that something is ourselves.

Thus for many centuries the One True God allowed humanity to worship something other than Himself though He constantly sought to point humanity to Him through nature, our conscience and the few people who really knew Him personally.

Finally God came to earth to communicate Who He is and what He requires personally. God in His appearance looked like one of us. God took the Name Jesus. Since God has come to us and spoken directly with us He now requires all people everywhere to come to Him for obtaining eternal life.

Jesus declared He is the gate to heaven and He alone is the means by which humanity can get to heaven as a result of passing through Him. We pass through Him as the gate when we humble ourselves before Him, acknowledging our need for Him to be our Savior and worshiping Him as our God.

But what about those in the deepest darkest jungles of the world who haven’t heard of Jesus? God is still using nature and conscience to make Himself known and He will one day introduce Himself to these people should they die without further introduction. In addition, God has commanded His people to go into the world and tell the world about Jesus so that no person remains ignorant of Him. Through radio and the internet information about Jesus is pretty much world wide in every trade language on the planet.

In any event God has set the requirements for entering heaven; we must come to Jesus. God also recognizes most will stubbornly refuse when He observes that few are on that road that leads to eternal life.

What decision have you made?

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