Being a Good Example

John 5:17 records “My Father constantly does good, and I’m following His example.”images

Whoever claims to live in Christ must walk as Jesus did the beloved Apostle John wrote in his first letter to the church. How did God the Son walk? He followed the example of God the Father.

How should we as the children live? We should follow the example of God the Son. Simple really but not easy for the requirement of putting others first before ourselves is immensely difficult and to know what Jesus did we must be students of Who Jesus is.

God in Jesus set before us the example of seeking God the Father diligently through the Scriptures and through prayer.

Even as a boy, Jesus was found in His Father’s house learning so that He might better obey. We struggle to read the Bible on a regular basis. Its not that we can’t read we just don’t place enough priority upon knowing God so we can live lives pleasing to Him.

The problem we encounter with not studying the Word of God is that we begin to create our own agenda for what God requires becoming in essence god of ourselves. When we are god then we displace Him Who is truly God and those who place other gods before Him are most likely to miss the Kingdom of heaven.

Second, by not knowing the Word of God we have no idea really of the will of God. Without knowing the will of God we cannot live as Jesus did. We cannot do the things God does if we do not know what God does!

This is why the world is so confused about Christianity because the people of God live such bipolar lives. The schizophrenia of Christianity is an anathema to the world and hinders the growth and unity of the Kingdom of God which is the very thing God desires.

Unity, not uniformity, is the will of God for His children. God is obviously a big fan of diversity as evidenced by all of nature. Yet He desires a family similarity to be evident in all of His children; an obviousness that we are like Him as we live as Jesus did.

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