Change The Culture By Changing The Messaging

“for the wicked seem to be everywhere, when people promote evil.”¬†Psalms 12:8 NET


The apparent truth of this verse is seen everywhere today in our lives. We walk into Target, and large displays of transgender clothing are promoted. Our televisions promote transgender living while drinking bud light. Our universities, media, and government all consistently promote thinking and behaving in ways contrary to the word of God. We are bombarded with their messages and feel the world is soon to end. The remedy is not only for the Lord to return but for His people to return to Him and begin living differently rather than absorbing our culture’s message. First, we must saturate our hearts and minds with God’s word. Daily personal devotions and weekly communal discussions of God’s truth and its application to our lives will build our hearts and minds on the sure foundation of Christ strengthening our faith and increasing our encouragement for the hope and the future awaiting all those in Christ. Second, we must stop promoting evil. Are we in government, media, business, or the university? We must refuse to participate in the promotion and celebration of the disobedient lifestyle. We must instead promote and encourage doing what pleases God. Living godly lives reflecting His holiness and His righteousness. We are God pleasers, not man pleasers, first and foremost. Wickedness will decrease when righteousness is increased in the lives of the people of God by word and deed

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