Changing our minds

2 Timothy 3.8 observes they are corrupted in mind and disqualified regarding the faith.

Paul describes what life in the church and outside the church will be like in later days – a description that appears eerily similar to our own times.

While most of his description concerns character and actions it can be summarized as a result of a corrupt mind and thus a disqualification of faith.

What leads us to a corrupt mind and a disqualification of our faith?

Practically in our case it is a belief from listening to news channels coupled with belief from listening to public teachers whose perspectives are contrary to the Scriptures which are generally ignored thus leading to corruption of the mind and a useless faith.

Our beliefs determine our actions therefore the Scriptures place great emphasis on setting our minds on Christ and not on things of the world.

God has revealed Himself, His will, and His ways for all people for all time through the Scriptures but our refusal to daily consume those Scriptures causes us to not know God and fail to obey His will.

While we attend church with other ignorant and disobedient people we deceive ourselves into thinking all is well when the reality is God will reject us as lukewarm adherents of His Son rather than welcome us as obedient disciples who have become useful laborers in His kingdom building work.

The fact that we have so little to show of eternal value from our time and treasure use is indicative of where our hearts, minds and hands are focused.

If we really want to be a people pleasing to God we will engross ourselves in the holy Scriptures in order to know God and do His will.

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