God Offers All Humanity Eternal Life. Do We Want It?

“From Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus by the will of God, to further the promise of life in Christ Jesus,” 2 Timothy 1:1 NET https://bible.com/bible/107/2ti.1.1.NET


Nothing is more valuable than life. Nearly all of us want to live forever, especially in peace, joy, and abundant love, with all we have loved and loved us. Life is hard for some, and they want a different life. Some want to end this life. The Author of Life did not intend our lives to be this way. Man is evil at the core but made in God’s image, so capable of good but, like God, desires life eternal. God is eternal life and has provided eternal life as an option for everyone. He proved His commitment to our eternal lives by dying on the cross as punishment for our evil and rising from the dead, proving His ability to pardon us and welcome us into eternal life. This eternal life begins in heaven and concludes with a new earth where God lives with us forever. This earth is filled with all that is good, the animals, the earth itself, and all the people. No more death, no more sickness, no more suffering or pain. Peace and love will reign among the creation with their Creator forever and ever. This is the world we desire and that God offers. We need only repent from our selfish and self-centered God ignoring lives and start following Jesus daily. Following Jesus begins with a prayer to know and obey Him always and continues through reading the Scriptures. Hence, we know what He wills for us this day, then doing all that Jesus commanded most often with His other children in unison so that the world sees the family of God already starting to look like the eternal family that lives in peace, joy, love, and unity. God has made the offer of eternal life. Will we receive it?

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