The Blessing of Children

Exodus 1.21 explains, because the midwives feared God, He gave them families of their own.image

What was God’s response to some pro-lifers who defied their king? Bless them with children. What was God’s response to His people who were suffering immense hardship in slavery? Bless them with children.

God’s greatest blessings are children.

He Himself blessed the world by His coming and that coming began as a child. God is pro-life and He is pro-creation. The act making possible the bringing of children into this world is man’s greatest pleasure (and I mean that most emphatically in the gender sense of the word). I find this one of the greatest testimonies to God’s goodness.

A man’s greatest pleasure is the process of being like Him in creating life. God could have made that a miserable experience and I know some life has come into this world with at least one party having an absolutely miserable experience of the process.

But in a loving relationship, God has made His greatest blessing our greatest joy. That as much as anything testifies to God’s goodness and magnanimity.

Yet we don’t have such a view of children for the most part. Children are first thought of as liabilities rather than assets. We think about children from birth as to their cost. We choose to limit our reproduction to what we believe we can afford rather than asking God to give us more capacity to love.

God has committed to humanity the population of heaven. Angels don’t procreate. I think this is why God delays His return to earth where He will rule forever with all of His children He has adopted over the centuries.

Every new life is a new prospect for heaven. Why would God want to stop the constant flow of new life? By His own decision He has decided that once He returns to remove the wicked from the earth and clothe each of His children with eternal bodies children will no longer be born into the world.

I think this idea is a bit of a downer for God and thus keeps Him from moving forward in His haste to return the world to its original design.

In the meantime the best thing we can do is have children and then love them into a relationship with Jesus.

The second best thing we can do is help every person become a child of God.

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