What God Requires From Us

Luke 9.60 comments, let the spiritually dead bury their own dead! Your duty is to go and preach aboutimage the Kingdom of God.

God requires only a few things from us but He appears fairly adamant about those few things.

First is to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength. While we look to make the adherence to this command a feeling within ourselves God measures it by His second command which is to love our neighbor as ourselves.

Loving God first, to God, means absolute obedience to His commands. This obedience expresses itself best when God’s children are helping people know God better so that they too might be reconciled to Him.

God bankrupt heaven in order to purchase humanity back into His fold, it is this work He is most passionate about, for which He trained twelve disciples to train others and through His Church He plans to accomplish.

Loving God first and foremost means putting this work as our first priority no matter our education, vocation or location.

In today’s lesson, a man wishes to delay following Jesus, always associated with obedience to Jesus, until after he buries his deceased father. It seems like taking care of this responsibility should be a fairly high priority. To God, not even this final honoring of our parents is to take precedence over the personal responsibility we have to honor God by helping people enter His Kingdom.

The dead are gone, their decision has been made and any work we would have done for them is no longer available. We can now only focus on the work at hand, the people alive today who have still been given time to meet Jesus, repent of their evil ways and join the ranks of obedient adherents to the commands of Jesus.

The problem with God is that He really believes He is God and as such requires our whole submission to His will.  It’s not a long list of requirements to please God.

We are to love God demonstrated by loving others the greatest act of which is introducing them to Jesus so that they too can receive eternal life through Jesus the risen Lord of all.

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  1. Paulette

    This is awesome and well-said!! It is God’s message for today…He is trying to wake up his church to these realities.

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