Having More than Faith

2 Peter 1:5 instructs you need more than faith; you must also work hard.image

The great Apostle Peter identifies a number of pursuits the Christian must make in addition to their faith in order to live a life pleasing to God and that demonstrates the presence of God through us on this earth.

He does not teach that our salvation from God, a free gift to us, earned by the work of Jesus the Son of God on the cross, can be obtained by the doing of these things in addition to our faith but rather they are necessary for proving our faith.

If these additional pursuits are not happening among Christians Peter instructs that at best we are not growing and so unfruitful as Christians and at worst are deceived and not really Christians at all.

Living self absorbed lives while believing in God is no different than evil angels living disobedient lives while believing in God.

Those who have truly repented from their evil deeds now seek to no longer live in them.

The born again life that must occur is a life pleasing to God that is growing in ever increasing likeness to God Himself as manifest through Jesus.

Christianity is not an idle ‘beliefism’ but a diligent pursuit to know the Sovereign Creator and Ruler of all and to live a life pleasing to Him forever beginning today.

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