God’s Ways are NOT the Most Popular

2 Peter 2:2 Many will follow their evil teaching that there is nothing wrong with sexual sin. And because of them imageChrist and his way will be scoffed at.

The Christian faith is increasingly being maligned in our culture because God is politically incorrect.

Yet God will not conform to our ways neither will He be enlightened by our modern philosophies rather He will judge all people according to His ways after each of us pass from this life to the next.

This only makes sense if there really is a God: that He would determine right and wrong and have the power to hold everyone accountable to that standard.

Homosexuality is the current untouchable good but God calls it an abomination.

He does this because He created a man and a woman to unite in marriage to procreate so that His eternal kingdom would be filled with human beings – the height of His created order.

As those made in His image He has given us the amazing and most pleasurable privilege of co-creating.

Man and woman in a monogamous holy relationship get to make more people and raise them for the glory of God. What an extremely high and noble calling.

This is why the Bible makes clear that the highest good a woman can do is bear children and work as a mother. This idea too is now considered archaic, repressive and backward.

Sex is good and wonderful but it is to be confined to the marriage bed between one man and one woman because it is the standard God has set from the beginning.

It may not be popular today but it will be rewarded by God tomorrow.

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