Holiness is God’s Will for His People

Luke 11.2 records, Jesus said, this is how you should pray: Father, may Your Name be kept holy.image

The human manifestation of God asks us to pray that the Name of the Spirit of God be kept holy. This was not a request from concern that God would possibly lose His holiness. This was a concern that those who claim to know God would not fail to represent God in harmony with the character and nature of God.

What is holiness?

Perfect purity of character and being. Applied to humanity, since we are not nor can we be perfect, it is moral goodness.

The Bible is God’s means for teaching what is good and right in His eyes. Obedience to the commands of the Bible make us holy.

The current debate over what is true in general, and specifically in the Bible, is a ruse for justifying behavior antithetical to the written word of God. It only makes sense that if there really is a God He would want people to know His will.

By having His will recorded in a book God has made possible for all people in all places for all generations to know Him and to know how to please Him. This is exactly what a morally pure God would do.

God has entrusted the communicating and the modeling of His will to His people. Regrettably the people of God have a poor history of modeling the will of God.

When God lived among us as one of us, His primary adversaries were the religious leaders. They no longer followed what God said but added their own nuance in order to better elevate themselves and control others. God detested this hypocrisy and made known His disdain in no uncertain terms even recording His rebuke in His book.

God has further equipped His people with His Spirit so that they are now more able than ever before to live according to His Word. The people of God have the responsibility to live in accordance to the character of God which is recorded in the Word of God.

God Himself invites us to pray with Him that His people who are called by His Name would humble themselves and obey His commands.

The world desperately needs Christians doing what God says as much as the world needs Christians communicating what God says.

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