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Christian Leaders Are Responsible For A Christian Culture

“A righteous person who yields to the wicked is like a muddied spring or a polluted well.” Proverbs 25:26 CSB


Edmund Burke is attributed as saying evil triumphs when good men do nothing. He summarized king Solomon, who taught that when the righteous yield to the wicked, they become no good but harmful to society. Leaders of society are responsible for the health of society. Societal leaders are the owners of businesses, the CEOs of large enterprises, the university presidents and deans, the elected government officials, and the media moguls who provide us our news. Together, these have turned away from God, ignoring God’s commands, creating now a society of chaos, corruption, depravity, and decadence. Many of these leaders confess to being Christian, but they compromised their integrity and God’s command to comply with the pressure placed upon them by other leaders who deny God and rebel against His ways described in His word. Godly men have failed to stand with Christ when they had the best chance to do so and now continue to fold under pressure increasing the wickedness and moral decline we see in our society. My friend Mike Smock and I are publishing a book entitled 52 Business Adages Biblically Considered soon. The book aims to inspire Christian business leaders to reengage their Christian faith in the marketplace and reapply God’s ways to their business so that they stand out before the community as those who stand with Jesus Christ. All of us who call ourselves Christian must increasingly identify with Christ in word and deed, in dress and speech, so that the world knows who we are, sees our resistance to its ways, becomes interested in our God, or persecutes us for His Name’s sake increasing our eternal reward. Good men, godly men, must identify and obey Jesus to change the culture, and the time is now.

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