Christians and Muslims Wage War Differently

Deuteronomy 33.11 asks, bless the ministry of the Levites, O LORD, and accept all the work of their hands. Hit their enemies where it hurts the most; strike down their foes so they never rise again.image

The Bible uses the language of war to describe the brokenness between man and God and man with man. War is necessary sometimes because of our refusal to love one another.

We needed to go to war against Hitler or his maniacal murderous schemes would have destroyed the world. We need to go to war against Islam since it refuses to exist as a religion of peace. Police need to go to war against criminals.

The difference between the war described in the Bible, particularly since the time of God’s appearing in Jesus, and the war perpetrated against humanity by Islam, is the description of the enemy. Islam sees humanity as the enemy. Their god encourages them to kill people in order to achieve heaven.

This Muslim god is described in the Bible as the true enemy and is the enemy Christians are to engage in war. This enemy, whom the Bible describes as satan, deceives humanity so that we steal, kill and destroy one another. The behavior of Islam’s adherents demonstrate the truth of the Bible’s description of the work of this enemy.

The one True God wages war using the weapons of love, humility and truth. Humanity is seen in Christianity as the prize, the victim that needs healing and restoration.  While humans behave horribly, God desires to change all humans from the inside out by expanding love for Him and others in and through their very beings.

Even the Muslims are not God’s enemies but God’s desired prize. God seeks to remove their blindness with truth through the sacrifice and service of His people loving them though they suffer for doing so. In Christianity humanity cannot get to heaven by killing but by loving. Loving God and loving one another is the command of God Who is and Who was and Who is coming again to restore this world to Himself.

Eventually there will be no more war for everyone who has loved God will live with God and will live in peace and joy with one another. Until then, Christians are to wage war against the deceiver of humanity by speaking the truth and loving people, even if those people see them as their enemy.

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