Excercising our faith

1 Timothy 4.7 commands we train for godliness.

The Apostle Paul compares spiritual training to physical training: the former has eternal value while the latter has value only in this life. We understand the value of physical exercise and many Christians are dedicated to healthy living.

Regrettably the value and process of spiritual exercise is less appreciated or practiced among Christians.

Having received our salvation as a gift from God we neglect the working out of our salvation with fear and trembling as the Scripture commands. While God’s salvation is given and not earned it is developed in the life of the Christian through diligent practice of godliness.

Godliness is the being and doing of that which is reflective of the character and will of God.

Jesus is God visible so the way He lived and the things He did are instructive for developing godliness in our lives.

These things are Scripture study and prayer along with living with fellow disciples. In addition, works of service to the poor and needy along with the proclamation of the gospel to everyone are some of the practical works Jesus modeled and instructed His people to follow.

By seeking God individually and corporately then serving humanity physically and spiritually we practice godliness and become more godly in the process.

This is to be the Christian’s highest priority and certainly is to take more time and expense than our physical training.

The race Christians are to run is for the prize of God’s glory upon earth as it is in heaven and to receive his commendation upon judgment day. Those who are diligent to train for godliness will certainly be successful on that day when we meet God face to face.

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