Few Are Those Living As Jesus Lived

Ezekiel 7.19 describes, they will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will seem like something filthy. Their silver and gold will be unable to save them in the day of the Lord’s wrath. They will not satisfy their appetites or fill their stomachs, for these were the stumbling blocks that brought about their iniquity.


It is our love for money that keeps us from loving God. We say we love God not money yet our love is proved by our deeds and not by our words. We don’t skip work, we work to earn the money we need to buy the things we want. Yet we skip church, we skip prayer, we skip Bible reading and study, we skip sharing Jesus with the world around us. Why?

God paves His streets with the commodity we most value. Those who walk those streets will be those who value now what God most values now. God has commissioned us to build His kingdom, to make disciples, to teach, even as we follow, all the commands of Jesus. We are to live as Jesus did while He lived on this earth.

Though He is King of kings and Lord of lords He came here as neither King nor Lord. Jesus lived among us as servant of God and sacrifice for humanity. This is how we are to live.

We are to live as servants of God, meaning we give as much as possible of our time, talent and treasure to seeing people come to salvation and grow in obedience to God. We are to live as a sacrifice for humanity, meaning we serve all men in all possible ways in order to win all men to acceptance of the gospel. We do as much as we can for others so as many as possible receive our message and become reconciled to God.

The road is narrow that leads to life and few are those upon it. Few are those who truly live as servants of God and sacrifices for humanity.

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