Leaving A Legacy

“Mordecai the Jew was second only to King Ahasuerus. He was the highest-ranking Jew, and he was admired by his numerous relatives. He worked enthusiastically for the good of his people and was an advocate for the welfare of all his descendants.” Esther 10:3 NET https://bible.com/bible/107/est.10.3.NET


This is what i want to do as i grow older. It is one of the main reasons i wrote my book. The reason i make videos is to leave a legacy for my grandchildren and beyond. To prove there is a man in the Winter lineage that can be found walking with the Lord. I cannot look back and find such a man though doubtless somewhere there had to be one. Technology allows me to leave a legacy. A book ‘forever’ on Amazon. Videos ‘forever’ on YouTube can be obtained by my grandchildren and their children. The goal is all Winters living forever in the kingdom of heaven. I don’t know if my mother and father will be there. I think my mom will be as she prayed toward the end of her life to be forgiven but she had little to no fruit. My dad has no interest in the things of God and my step dad claimed to be a believer but again had no fruit of seeking and worshipping the Lord. Neither were my grandparents interested in the Lord or doing His work so that i cannot look back in my family and find an anchor point in Christ. I seek to be that anchor for my family going forward. The best thing i can do for my descendants is to train their parents to follow Jesus. I have and am doing that. I can also encourage my grandchildren to love the Lord and to walk in His ways which i must do more and better. Finally, i can leave confirmation that i am following the Lord Jesus and invite my grandchildren and great grandchildren to do the same. In these ways i can work as i should for the welfare of my people, their eternal salvation.

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