Making the Interests of God our First Priority

Philippians 2.21 observes everyone looks out for their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ.image

Humanity is created by God to serve God and to live with God forever. Simple to understand largely ignored.

If there really is God it only makes sense that He would be our Creator. If we are created then it only makes sense it is to serve the Creator.

The good news that resides in Christianity alone, is that God Who is Creator, is relational choosing to call us children, asking us to call Him Father and inviting us to live with Him forever in His Kingdom. That is a great story that God wants told to the world and if the world really understood that story I believe they would all love Him.

This telling of the story is how we serve God. God’s children are to inspire as many orphans as possible to seek being adopted by Him Who is truly good and unconditional in love. Regrettably too many of the children are uninterested in helping orphans become adopted.

Everyone must be adopted if they are to live forever with God in heaven. Many orphans know they are lonely and broken but are ignorant as to their desirability by their Creator.

The God of heaven wants all people everywhere to reconcile themselves to Him through Jesus Christ the Savior. God doesn’t force this reconciliation, rather He seeks to win us to Himself through His love and kindness expressed by His previously adopted children.

God chooses not to make personal appearances but leaves the work of physically demonstrating His love to people to be done through His people. This is why it is so imperative that His people engage the work of God.

Failure to join God in His work, to serve the interests of God first and foremost, is to leave people as orphans and orphans don’t live forever with God in heaven.

We are to love others as we love ourselves. The greatest gift we have as children of God is a relationship with Father God.

It is this relationship, demonstrated in our loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength that we are to live before the world causing them to want a similar relationship with God.

Only when we place God and His interests at the forefront of our lives will we be truly effective as servants of God fulfilling the purpose we have in this world for which we ourselves have been adopted.

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