Motives Matter

Numbers 22.32 observes I have come here to oppose you because your path is a reckless one beforeimage Me.

When God’s not happy ain’t nobody happy!

The problem with the One True God is that He cares as much about how and why we do something as He does with what we do. This makes sense actually if there really is a God.

All the other religions, including Islam, place all of their emphasis upon outward behavior without regard for the motive of that behavior. In reality, we all have this propensity.

People who ignore God say they are still good people because they have, ‘never murdered anyone.’ The reasons for our supposed goodness are the result of our lack of doing the most heinous of crimes and for doing a few random acts of kindness.

The One True God however is not fooled by our duplicity and if He really is God, He shouldn’t be. When God lived among us as one of us He warned us that His judgment was true and right because He is true.

This judgment He would bring would include our thoughts and words. He even warned us that our angry statements toward our neighbor was His equivalent of murder.

The reason God’s judgment is so severe is so we will realize we have no hope of getting through it on our own without condemnation. No way have we not all committed murder, rape, theft with our thoughts and most likely our words even if we have never done so with our hands. This is why we desperately need a Savior. Someone Who can pardon our sin and take the punishment we deserve.

Christianity is the only religion providing such a remedy for our malady of disobedience against God. The One True God will judge all humanity based upon His standard of right and wrong.

All will be found guilty but not all will be condemned.

Those who ask His forgiveness now and proclaim with their mouths and lives that Jesus is their eternal Savior shall have all their evil wiped away and will live at peace with God and those who love Him forever.

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