What is THE Most Important Thing?

Luke 10.42 observes, there is only one thing worth being concerned about. Mary has discovered it, and imageit will not be taken away from her.

Remember the movie City Slickers? The main subject was that there was just one thing that was really important. God too states that there is only one thing worth being concerned about. Seriously, if we believed that we should be dialed in like those around E.F. Hutton, because when he spoke, people listened!

While my quotes are revealing my age it is also true that God doesn’t make knowing Him or doing His will a mystery or complicated. Those who seek will find, are you looking for the one thing? (more…)


Remembering God

Isaiah 51.13 asks why do you forget the Lord Who made you? The Lord God Almighty, the Maker of all humanity and the Judge of all people had a problem…



Luke 5.10 promises from now on you will be catching people. The purpose of our lives, the mission of the Church, is to partner with God for reconciling the world…