The Election is Over, Now What?

Hosea 12.6 begs, so now, come back to your God. Act with love and justice, and always depend on Him.image

The election is over so now what do we do? Will Donald Trump solve all of our ills as a country? The resounding answer needs to be, ‘no’ if we are going to move ahead as a country and ‘make America great again.’ The quagmire we find ourselves isn’t the result of government action or inaction primarily. The situation we find ourselves in as a nation is the result of the way we as a nation have chosen to live and behave.

So what should we do now? Exactly what God says to do as summarized by Hosea. Act with love and justice and always depend upon Him. How do we do this?

Racism has increased as a problem these past eight years. The Church is the only solution because it is the only voice that speaks to the issue from God’s perspective. What is that perspective? From one man and one woman God created all men and all women. All people are His design and desire and in relationship to Him as Father are all equal in value.

The Bible has consistently told us to love one another and to treat one another as deeply loved brothers and sisters, this is the will of God our Father. While not perfectly lived it is consistently commanded. Therefore the Church must reengage the work of loving everyone as we ourselves wish to be loved.

Second, we are to act justly. What does that mean? That means always doing what is right no matter the cost. Corruption has reached new heights of prevalence in government and media. This must stop among the people of God. We believe we are accountable to God for every word, deed and thought that has been done in disobedience to the will of God.

We must stop worrying about what will get us the next promotion or what is politically correct and start thinking about what God will reward and what is biblically correct. His will for us is to do what is right and good and fair. God hates bribes. God hates discrimination. God hates injustice. God hates lying, stealing and cheating. We must all be committed to doing the right thing everyday if we are going to change our culture.

Finally, we got into this mess because we have loved ourselves more than God which means we have put a greater emphasis on accumulating wealth for future security than accumulating good deeds for future reward. Depending upon God means doing what is right in His eyes first and trusting Him to protect us and provide for us when doing right goes against the will of the godless. Our dependence upon God means living for His purposes and honor on earth before accumulating for ourselves or seeking glory for ourselves.

If we will do these things we will change our society and by changing our society we wont need to look for president’s to save us or fix us. The fix is us doing the right thing all the time and the right thing to do is to act with love and justice while depending upon the Lord.

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