There are too many infants in the Church today.

Hebrews 5.13 observes, everyone who lives on milk is inexperienced with the message about righteousness, because he is an infant.

Who lives on milk? A baby. How does a baby live on milk? They must be picked up and brought to the breast or otherwise held and have a bottle deposited into their mouth. There are too many in the Church who live on milk.

They are capable of driving themselves to church, and do so regularly, but that is all from the Word of God that they eat, whatever morsel is placed before them during that hour of attendance. Sermons certainly vary in quality from week to week, living on this food for a week makes one weak. Christians like this remain spiritual infants, always measuring Christianity by what it is doing for them and how full they felt after their brief encounter with God’s word.

God, when He lived among us as one of us, said His food was to do the will of God. It is the mature who work, who provide for themselves and others and who make a difference in the world. The mature in Christ are those who eat daily from the Word of God and drink deeply from the Spirit of God so that His living water flows out of them because He is flowing abundantly through them.

The mature show themselves a workman for God, they rightly handle the Word of God, knowing how to use this sword for both offense to defeat ignorant and foolish arguments against Christ and defense defending oneself against the lies of the enemy whose goal is to cause us to doubt God’s Word and His goodness.

Babies are beautiful when they are new born but they are difficult and unhealthy when they are still babies years later.

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