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1 Corinthians 9.19 observes since I am free from all I can make myself a slave to all.

What keeps us from living life in such a way that pleasing God is our first priority?

Often times the answer is our fear of losing favor in the eyes of others.

From living as a humble servant to sharing our conviction that Jesus alone is the means to heaven, Christians often stay quiet and blending-in rather than raise awareness that their allegiance is to Jesus.

Jesus warned those who sought to follow Him that if any of them were ashamed of Him before men He would be ashamed of them before the angels on decision day when men receive their eternal destiny to heaven or hell.

The Apostle Paul was God’s servant, Jesus was Paul’s first love and his Lord, because of this relationship Paul was free to serve and preach to every person without concern for their response toward him.

Paul was not living to please men but God Who saved him and would hold him accountable for his life on judgment day.

When we live first to please God we will begin to live like God in Jesus, serving people, being humble, and living generously in order to win people to Jesus.

When we live to please men we remain reserved about the things of God before men but when we live to please God we live boldly for God.

Our culture reflects the poverty of Christian witness in the marketplace and the neighborhood by those who claim to be Christians but are more concerned about their neighbor’s acceptance than with God’s approval.

We must love God first and most then we will be free from worry about the opinion of men.



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  1. Marc Rhem

    Unashamed. Thank you for the coaching and prodding.

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