What Do People Expect From Christians?

2 Corinthians 4.2 encourages, by open proclamation of the truth we commend ourselves to everyone’s conscience before God.

What do non Christians expect from Christians? Certainly a virtue or morality that is different from everyone else. This would include honesty, compassion, love, hard work, and thoughtfulness. While no one lives perfectly, thus each of us demonstrates our need for God’s forgiveness, those who claim to follow Jesus are expected and even commanded, to live like He lived.

Part of this expectation should be the proclamation of the work of God in Jesus which was necessary for humanity to live eternally with God in heaven and upon the new earth. If Christians believe their manuscript, the Bible, then part of their responsibility, the greatest love they can show, is to encourage, warn, and invite people to repent and follow Jesus lest they face the judgement and condemnation of God upon their death.

While most people believe they are good and have thus earned their spot in heaven, if there really is a God, the Bible describes a different reality. The Bible, God’s written word to humanity so that we can know Him and what He requires from us, informs us that we are born separated from God relationally due to the rebellious nature found in our very DNA so that we do not enter this world children of God but rather enemies of God.

The obviousness of this truth can be found in little children. How is it that they inherently feel the freedom to defy their parents who have loved them and cared for them from birth? These little ones will run away when called to their parents, they will take hold of that which they were commanded not to, they naturally defy their parents. In fact, parenting is the training of children to do what is right because we are naturally bent away from such behavior.

So too, unless we confess to God our rebellion against Him and turn away from the behavior that displeases Him, we will find ourselves receiving the ultimate time out when He separates us for all eternity from Himself in hell where there is never ending suffering and pain.

The Christian who loves people understands this natural human destiny but demonstrates the love of God by warning, pleading and encouraging all people everywhere, no matter the response or the cost, to turn to Jesus the Savior lest they be swept away by their disobedience.

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