Why We Must Pursue Truth

Hebrews 2.1 commands, we must listen very carefully to the truth we have heard, or we may drift awayimage from it.

Since the 1960’s there has been an assault on truth. Not the truth espoused by those 60’s hippies who are now the university professors, newspaper editors and hollywood film producers, no they always tell the truth.

At least they tell their version of truth which is that there is no truth except their truth which is why there is so much intolerance toward truth spoken against their truth.

Their truth begins with the fact that God does not exist. Religion is a tool to control people. Freedom is doing whatever you want; except believing, obeying and worshiping God.

Their truth concludes there is no God by the evidence of all the evil in the world. Evil conducted not by God Himself but by men who are free to do whatever they want. Rather than blaming humanity for evil they blame God lest they be responsible and accountable for their own participation in evil.

Christians too are getting caught up in this culture truth. While Christians claim to believe in God that belief is not translating into action, thinking or behavior congruent to that belief.

If there really is a God then it makes sense He would make Himself known so He could be understood and obeyed. Indeed, this is exactly what God has done by providing the Bible to us for that very purpose.

Biblical ignorance is epidemic among Christians which is why they are ignorant of Who God is or what God requires. This, like evil, is not the fault of God but of humanity who fails to access and utilize the gift God has given for making known His will and His ways so that we can follow them.

God asks only that we love Him and love others as ourselves then describes how we can best do those two things in the Bible. Asking us to read it, memorize it, study it, discuss it and apply it is not asking too much of us from the God Who gave us His Words for that very purpose.

If we do these things we will come to discover an absolute truth, a greater truth, an ultimate truth, a true truth that will be much different from the truth those who deny God’s existence tell us is true.

Our world too will be different and better since the focus will no longer be on ourselves but God and our neighbor.

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