An End of Murder

Numbers 35:33 proclaims murder pollutes the land.image Arguably since the 1970’s one can argue the moral wheels have been falling off this country’s wagon. What was started by Christian people seeking a place to worship God freely has become a place led by secular people seeking to keep worship confined to seperate buildings. While more than 80% of America says they believe in God less than 25% make God their first love and priority as defined by daily prayer, Bible reading and priority of obedience to all of God’s commands. Perhaps no greater injustice is occurring in America than the legal murder of the helpless unborn child in or barely out of the Mother’s womb. The truly voiceless and powerless are being slain daily over convenience by the powerful. As a whole, the Church sits silent while it occurs. We ask for God’s blessing upon our land but little comes for we pray with blood from the innocent upon our hands. What should the Church do about abortion? Pray for its end. Work toward its end. Pray that God would move the hearts of people to love and see the evil abortion is so that they would legally stop it because it has become morally reprehensible. Second, the Church must get serious about winning people to God’s point of view about all of life. The Church finds abortion immoral because God calls it evil. The Church needs to obey its Leader, the Lord Jesus Christ, and love people into His kingdom so that they too begin to see things from God’s perspective. If everyone loved God through Jesus the Savior first and most then the issue of abortion would not exist. Until the hearts of people change the doing of evil will continue and the hearts of people cannot change unless they are born again.

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