Isaiah 28:29 proclaims the Lord Almighty is a wonderful teacher and gives the farmer wisdom.image

I’ve often thought that if the world was dependent upon me for many of its inventions we would still be wearing grass skirts while hunting and gathering for food. I’m not much for inventing but I marvel at those who have developed so many ideas for my convenience, health and safety.

The Lord God Almighty takes delight in communicating to His people both about Himself and about how we can better love one another.

The godly business man, scientist and engineer should take heart from this verse. Those who seek God particularly in their areas of expertise whose effect can make a global impact should be encouraged because God delights to help those whose hearts are set upon Him and His ways.

The godly person who makes the knowledge of God first priority can expect God to reciprocate by helping them accomplish their priorities far beyond their hopes and dreams.

The prerequisites for receiving wisdom from the Lord are first to seek Him for Himself. Regardless of what God may do for us, truly loving Him is about loving Him for Who He is and not for what He does. The lover of God loves God and not just the works of God.

Second, the one seeking wisdom must seek it for the benefit of others and not just self. God is to be glorified and not people. When our objective is the furtherance of His kingdom and glory upon the earth then God can and will give us the wisdom we seek for making Him better known in the world.

Christian motivation is to be God centered for the benefit of humanity: this is exactly the way Jesus lived among us.

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