Believing in God Means Obeying God

Hebrews 5.10 describes, Jesus as high priest in the order of Melchizedek, He became the source of eternal salvation to all who believingly obey Him.

Believingly obey Him. A great summary of the Christian life. We are to first believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord, the only source of eternal salvation.

Men cannot save themselves, only God can pardon guilty men from the punishment for the disobedience we have committed against Him from birth. None of us are righteous, no one has lived perfectly, all have violated God’s commands in thought, word and deed, by doing what we shouldn’t have and not doing what we are supposed to do.

Guilty, every one of us before a just God, Who, in perfect justice, should condemn each one of us. Instead, He condemned the only perfect One, the only obedient One, the only not disobedient One, as a substitute, a sacrifice, an exchange for humanity, so that He could be both just and merciful, pardoning all who humble themselves before Him seeking peace with God.

Pardon is granted to the repentant but this does not mean permission to continue living in ignorance of God or in disobedience to His commands. Rather, motivated by a love for God due to the mercy of God we run to God finding Him in His Scriptures so that we can know Him intimately and obey Him consistently.

Obedience is our appropriate response to God for His pardon of our disobedience. We are to make every effort to obey God thus demonstrating our love for God. Obedience to God bears witness to the wisdom of God; that His ways are truly the best ways for all of us, to live with each other and before Him.

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