God’s Work is for Men and Not Angels

Hebrews 2.5 records, God didn’t put angels in charge of this business of salvation that we’re dealing with here.

God didn’t put angels in charge of this salvation business. Clear, emphatic, concise, understandable. God put men in charge of sharing with men Who He is and what He requires. It’s not more complicated than that.

Those who know God in Jesus the Savior are to help others know Him as well, as well as they themselves know Him. Just as the Savior came to make God known and to provide a means, Himself, for accessing God the Father, so too His followers are to make Him known and to make known Jesus as the access to the Father.

Those who are faithful to make loving God and doing His will first priority in their lives will reign with Christ on the new earth. On this new earth neither man nor beast nor anything else in all creation will any longer rebel against the will of God. All people will live as Jesus lived while He lived on earth with us.

We will love one another fully, we will serve one another sacrificially, we will give to one another generously, and we will obey the Father unequivocally. Humanity is the pinnacle of God’s creation, with Jesus, God as man, the supreme Human of all for all time.

God wants all humanity to live as Jesus did and to love Him as Jesus does. Those who claim to be His, will spend forever with Jesus, but must labor now to bring all the people they can to Jesus before we die or He returns to rule forever among His people.

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